Welcome to South Africa First Forum

"I have a dream to live in a South Africa where we live in harmony as a nation enhanced by our diversity and all have the opportunity and right to have a better life for ourselves and our children. We are governed by a Constitution and served by men and women of integrity who are in public office to serve all our communities without fear or favour. Where public representatives are found to be dishonourable and corrupt in the execution of their duties they be summarily dismissed or made to resign from their positions" . . . the kind of South Africa we aspire to.

It is time for ordinary men and women; young and old, to stop being quiet and not be guilty of doing nothing:

Who we are

  • We are committed and passionate South Africans.
  • Our objectives are democracy, non-racialism, non-sexism & freedom. 
  • We are motivated by ethical leadership, morality, governance, justice and equality. 
  • We are inclusive of any person who values our principles, as an alternative to our current political landscape.
  • We do not represent or promote any political party.

Why we are speaking out

  • We want to contribute to creating a future where our country and its people are prioritised.
  • We want to assist in ensuring our Constitution is respected and upheld.
  • We want to champion permanent, positive social, economic and political change.
  • We want everybody to understand why protecting our Constitution is important.

Our plan

  • To call ourselves the South Africa First Forum. 
  • To unite and connect with all those who want to be part of positive change. 
  • To harness the power of like-minded South Africans in our quest to help build a truly united country which celebrates and values all its diverse people equally. 
  • To strongly encourage and promote active individual involvement in bringing about change. 
  • To build an organisation that has a long term, fundamental impact on the wider social formation. 
  • To promote this forum using all available channels.
  • To ally ourselves with those who demonstrate agreement with our founding principles.

What you can do

  • Join us, the South Africa First Forum, through our online and other moderated channels.
  • Invite your friends, family, colleagues, employees, employers and anybody else who wants to become part of a group of South Africans dedicated to unlocking the vast potential of our country to the benefit of all.
  • Participate in the real world activities the of SA First Forum from conception to implementation.
  • Donate of your time or resources in order to enable us to continue with our important work, nothing is too small.