This is our view:

  • We believe SOUTH AFRICA AND HER PEOPLE COME FIRST. Respect for our country, our constitution and all our people must surpass loyalty to any party, persons, business interests or ideology.
  • We are fatigued by unfulfilled election promises and the ongoing failure to deliver on the basic requirements for the maintenance of human dignity and development. 
  • We are gravely concerned about the current self-indulgent political elite who openly benefit themselves at the expense of the entire country, including those who are in most dire need of support: our poor and vulnerable. 
  • We are appalled and dismayed at the leading members of the ANC and its affiliates who continue to openly support and justify the actions of a President and Parliament found unequivocally guilty of flouting their constitutional duties.
  • We believe the rot has gone way beyond President Zuma and includes ANC parliamentarians. 
  • The culture of the prevailing political arena is clearly manifested in the current climate of unlawfulness, power abuse and broken confidence. 
  • We intend to galvanise people and find a resolution to this crisis, and through this, afford new hope for all 21st century generations. 
  • We will defend our Constitution and help re-establish it as the bedrock of our democracy and hard-earned freedom, and a foundation upon which we can unite as people. 
  • We reject the ANC’s attempts to characterize all opposition to their continued maladministration as ‘Regime Change’. All political parties, including the majority party are bound by the Constitution. Ours is a call to remove the violators of our Constitution – nothing more, nothing less.
In order to arrest the rot that has set in the SA First Forum will/ has expressed its view on various matters that has a key impact on the rights of all South Africans; ensure compliance with the Constitution; and speak out against malfeance.

Attached, please find some of our views that we shared publicly:

Public Protector appointment  

Appointment of new SA Human Rights Commissioners  

Pravin Gordhan saga  

Local Government Elections